Friday, March 27, 2009

A Word Bearer Assualt Vehicle Pt 1.

I started my CSM Word Bearers army back in 2003 when The Eye of Terror GW World wide campaign was announced, I built 1500pts and really enjoyed the back ground and the way the army played on the table top. In late 2004 and early 2005 I revisited my Word Bearers for a Tournament I was attending in Western Australia, I only needed a few extra hundred points but I went a bit crazy and built and painted another 1500pts worth in just a few months. After the tournament I had amassed just over 3100pts of Word Bearers!! Fast forward to New Codex and a few years (OK several) I felt it's time that I revisited my beloved Word Bearer's...

To start off with I've had to re organise the squads in the army, so that they comply with the ne
w Codex. Not a big deal really, just a bit of shuffling around to make sure all CSM Units were at least 10 man strong so I could field the Squads I already had. I had always planned on giving my Terminator Lord (Draas, The Red Pilgrim) a Land Raider and a unit of like minded Terminators to run around with him, but I had never gotten around to building these back in the day and boy am I glad I didn't as the new plastic Terminators are awesome looking.

So this week I started building and painting the interior of my Lord's (long overdue) Land Raider.
Below are the pics of the completed interior before assembly. As you can see I decided to c
haosify the interior and paint it before assembly. I was concerned about the new GW washes matching the colour of the previous inks I had used on the interior of a Rhino I had built 4 yrs ago, but there was no probs and everything went better than expected. I decided not go crazy with interior details as the insides of a Land Raider is dark and hard to see into, that being said I still painted all the switches, screens and other 'ornaments' adorning the interior walls. I'm quite happy with the way it has turned out.
They say a picture speaks a thousand words...

Over the course of the weekend (Melb F1 Telecast permitting...) I'll have assembled the interior completely and have made a start on building the rest of my new Word Bearer Assault Vehicle!!
Happy modeling...

Dark Ramblings...

G'day and welcome to my new Hobby blog!!
I've moved around this great big country of mine a fair bit and I've got friends all over the place that I used to love talking hobby with and showing off latest projects and bouncing ideas off them for current or future ones. I've missed this greatly over the last few years and after doing some trolling on the web and talking to my mate DT (davetaylorminiatures) I decided I would give blogging a go.
The idea of this blog is twofold 1; Allow my interstate and over seas mates the ability to see what I'm currently working on and give some feedback or bounce ideas off, and 2; Give me some focus back to my hobby as I've been struggling with it for a while now along with other various things in my life.

So I hope you all enjoy this blog and I'd love to hear any feedback or questions you may have about the blog or anything I'm working on!