Friday, March 27, 2009

Dark Ramblings...

G'day and welcome to my new Hobby blog!!
I've moved around this great big country of mine a fair bit and I've got friends all over the place that I used to love talking hobby with and showing off latest projects and bouncing ideas off them for current or future ones. I've missed this greatly over the last few years and after doing some trolling on the web and talking to my mate DT (davetaylorminiatures) I decided I would give blogging a go.
The idea of this blog is twofold 1; Allow my interstate and over seas mates the ability to see what I'm currently working on and give some feedback or bounce ideas off, and 2; Give me some focus back to my hobby as I've been struggling with it for a while now along with other various things in my life.

So I hope you all enjoy this blog and I'd love to hear any feedback or questions you may have about the blog or anything I'm working on!

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