Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Word Bearer Assualt Vehicle Pt2.

Hi all, I've had a fairly productive week, even with the Melbourne F1 on the tele!!

First up I glued the interior together and made sure the assault
ramp moved correctly. While this was drying I cleaned up and pre assembled all the weapon mounts ready to be undercoated and painted separately. Some Tamiya filler was used on the Lascannon sights as there were some large dimples in the plastic. The Lascannon shrouds had to be bent and teased so that they would fit correctly, when bending plastics or metal parts be sure to do it with slow even pressure to reduce the chance of any breakages.

From the following pic you can see white thin strips of plasti card glued to the underside of the top of the hull. These have been added because for some reason the top of the Land Raiders hull didn't sit flush with the top of the sides of the hull. This took a rea
sonable amount of time to make sure that everything fit correctly, I had done plenty of dry runs (no glue being used) to find out where I needed to fill out the gaps. I used a combination of 0.4 mm & 1.0mm plasti card for this, if a strip needing to be thinned slightly I just rubbed the strip on some 320 grit sandpaper that was sitting flat on the table top. Once all the plasti card had dried, i trimmed it down starting with a hobby knife then I proceeded to smooth it out with files and further still with 1000 grit sandpaper.

All the tracks have been added to the hull (with Imperial Eagles removed of course!). The top hatches were quickly cleaned and assembled, as was the spotlight. With the spotlight I had to use and Imperial mounting as I was going to use the Chaos mount for my Dirge caster, I then added a banner top from the new GW plastic Marauder Horsemen box set to the spot light. The Dirge caster was next on the hit list, this has had a 2.0mm (diameter) brass rod inserted to act as a large pin. I did this because I wanted to be able to remove any accessor
ies I have on top of the Land Raider to ease transporting in a carry case. I've also added 1/8 brass rod to the 4 exhaust ports on the back of the engine for something different. When cutting up the brass rod I used GW's new modeling vice and boy did it make cutting this stuff a hell of a lot easier!!

My existing Rhino and Predator vehicles have removable Chaos banners and flaming braziers, which are fixed in place. For my Land Raider I want every accessory on top of the Land Raider to be easily removed for storage and transport. For the banner I again used one from the new GW plastic Marauder horsemen kit, I used another length of 2.0mm brass rod for the banner pole and cut up a smaller length of 1/8 brass rod that was going to
sleeve the 2.0mm rod near the bottom, about 10mm of the thinner rod is poking out. I then drilled a 2.0mm hole into a 5mm x 5mm piece of 1.0mm plasti card. This plasti card was then glued underneath the 1/8 length of brass rod with the thinner brass rod poking through it all. This plasti card was going to stop the banner pole from sliding to far into the Land Raider.

For the flaming braziers I cut up 2x Inquisitor Witch hunter henchmen, unfortunately the cuts weren't straight and I've had to use some brown stuff (it's not as bad as it sounds, its a brown / aluminum epoxy resin) to level out the cuts. I've used brown stuff as it's easier to cut, file and sand than green stuff because of the aluminum flakes in it. Unfortunately I'm not
sure where to place these exactly on top of the Land Raider as I also want to put on some smoke launchers and maybe some trophy poles. The braziers need to be in front of the banner (they help illuminate it after all...), but behind the pintle combi bolter (which is going next to the Heavy Bolter). I'm leaning towards the configuration in the pic below, but if you have any other ideas let me know with some quick feed back!

Well that's it from me for now, hopefully I can get these last fiddly bits sorted out quickly so I can get ready to undercoat and paint this bad boy!! In the mean time I hear some plastic Chaos Terminators a calling...

Happy Modeling!!


  1. Looking good, I like the idea of making all the extras detachable for ease of transport.

  2. Cheers Ron,
    I wish I had thought of this idea many moons earlier...

  3. nice work, I wish i was as inventive as some of the people of the interwebs, well I probably am I just have a complete lack of Greenstuff and Platicard... any suggesitons where to buy platicard?