Sunday, September 6, 2009

All your Space Hulks is mine!!

Space Hulk is BACK BABY!! I was never fortunate enough to own the original or it's supplement Deathwing when they were originally released. This is the game that started my addiction to GW games and the Deathwing expansion was the start of my love for the Dark Angels and the lore of the 40k universe. I played this many,many moons ago over at a friends place on a Saturday arvo listening to Soundgardens Badmotorfinger and Metallica's "Black" album ,1992 I think it was. So the release of the new box set has been a big trip down memory lane for me, especially reading the "Cleanse & Burn" mission battle report, this was a mission that we played heaps of for some reason... There would be 3 or 4 of us playing battling it out, so we didn't often play 1 vs 1 but more often 2 vs 1 or 2 vs 2, which was exciting as each of us had a different idea of what we needed to do to achieve the mission objectives, there were many a heated argument afterwards but after a few games we started working really well as pairs. So much so that the Space Marine players had to have further time restrictions in place when we pairing up!!

All this reminiscing has gotten me into a pickle though... Do I paint the new orgasmic Terminators in the Blood Angels colour scheme (it's OK they're a first founding chapter) or paint them up in Deathwing colour scheme? I can hear DT's screams now as he was the first person to teach me (repeatedly) how to paint up Deathwing Terminators way back when he was managing the Adelaide GW store when it first opened, I would terrorize him on most Saturdays... Ha,ha... It's not going to be too difficult to convert the Blood Angels into Deathwing, they do share a reasonable amount of iconography, what with both Chapters being "Angels of Death" and all...

So now I want your help in deciding the fate of my plastic Terminators I'll leave the poll open for 2 weeks!!


  1. Its a clear and easy decision man!

    any chance for more coolness rather than less i say go for it!!

    plus i want to see how you convert them up into Deathwing terminators!!

  2. Hey man,
    you should check out this blog if you end up converting your terminators. which i think you should still do!!

  3. So are you calling it a win for the Deathwing??
    Whats the verdict?