Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hell freezes over...

Hi all, after a long absence I'm finally posting again!!
After my last post I had a break for a while, then a while turned into a couple of weeks... then a month had gone by... I finally dug up my old pre mixes for my Word Bearers and boy was it a sad state of affairs. I spent an evening mixing small amounts of warm water and fluid enhancer into each of the pre mixes without diluting the colours too much after this was successfully completed I decided that I need to paint a test mini before committing to painting any thing for my Word Bearers. I stripped a metal Plague Marine that I had started painting for my Word Bearers many moons ago, he was then re assembled, based and ready for painting. He turned out a heck of a lot better than I thought and matched the existing Word Bearers, to say I was thrilled would be an understatement!!
You can see the results below.

But before I jumped into painting my Terminators and Land Raider I thought it would be prudent to tackle some other existing WB projects first. So I assembled a pair of Las Cannon sponsons for my Predator Annihilator and painted them to perfectly match the paint job on the Predator!!

After these success I decide it might be time to play my first 5th Edt 40k game, so I organized a game with Briggsy at the GW Marion store. With that done I decided it was time to paint my Rhino that I had started 5yrs earlier. It already had a paint job that I detested as it didn't match the rest of the army at all and I wanted to strip off the paint and start again, however the interior had been detailed and painted nicley and I wanted to keep this. Simple Green to the rescue!! This an industrial strength cleaner that comes undiluted and in a spray bottle or larger 5ltr tub. This stuff strips off paint from both plastics and resin without any damage but it still leaves the majority of the undercoat on!!
So instead of submersing the rhino I carefully spayed Simple Green on one part of the Rhino at a time let it sit for 5 mins and then started to scrub off the existing paint, and I repeated this process until I was happy with the results, needless to say it a long time. This worked awesomely as I was able to remove the exterior paint without damaging or removing any from the interior at all!! Buoyed by this success I started painting and got all the metallics and the hull colours completed before the game. After Briggsy let me win my first foray into 5th Edt (;-) I was all excited and over the next week and a half finished the rest of the Rhino. I'm really happy with the way it has turned out, it's a little darker than the Predator but this is a Chaos Army after all...

Are you ready for this... I've started painting my Terminators!! There's a WIP pic below...

Thanks for tuning in again and I promise the next post wont be 10 weeks away, scouts honour!!


  1. Looking really good mate! Great to see you get back to these.

  2. nice mate i like the darker scheme on the rhino best

  3. Thanks guys, and I do have to agree with you dan i like the slightly darker scheme for it to. I plan on doing the Land raider that way also...

  4. Great Work Eribus, thanks for the chat, I look forward to seeing your next installement.

  5. Where can you get simple green from??

    good work man. i would prob have been too scared to strip it and such but it definitely paid off!! the interiors look great! got any other shots of it for us?

    lets see those termis and landraider!!

  6. well its almost been 5 weeks now :P

    half way there man. lets see where your up to!! :)

  7. Sorry DJ I completely missed this, Simple Green can be bought from Bunnings Warehouse in their cleaning isle!